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Operating system

LibWeb-0.02 has been tested on the following platforms,

  • FreeBSD (4.1.1-STABLE, i686).
  • Linux (i686).
  • I have received reports of successful installation on Windows, but I did not test it personally.


LibWeb-0.02 requires the following to run,

Q: If I have full shell access to my server, can I install perl modules myself?

A: Yes, you can install anything to directories that you have write access. Given that, if you are installing any software (not just perl modules) into your own directories, installation does NOT require root privilege. Therefore, for those of you who are using shared hosting, you can install any perl module you want into your own directories without calling up your ISP, that way, you can have a better control over those perl modules that you use for your cgi scripts.

Web server

LibWeb-0.02 has been tested on the following web servers,


LibWeb-0.02 has been tested on the following databases,

  • MySQL (version 3.22.21, 3.23.21-beta, and 3.23.41)

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